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Premiere night of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

On the red carpet with Ashley Green and Taylor autner, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Some samples of what it is we do.This your one stop center for movie, music and magic entertainment publicity. If you’re opening a new studio in Hollywood, Burbank or Wilmington, NC (Hollywood East) we can help position you and your company. LA Entertainment Publicity is just that plain and simple – publicity for clients in the entertainment industry.  As a subdivision of MAYO Communications,an award-winning public in Los Angeles your have international resources at your fingertips.  From movies like Director Martin Campbell’s Edge of DarknessGreen Lantern to Dublin Ireland’s Richard Lanni documentary American’s D Day, our movie marketing is above the rest. Our staff attends film festivals, moderates social media workshops a film festivals to attending media workshops in Hollywood put on by Entertainment Publicity Professionial Society at the ICG Local 600 Union Auditorium on Sunset Blvd.

The World Networks Launch

Jasmine Ransom, Walter Mendez, Award-Wining Clothes Designer, Jillian Lyon

LA Entertainment’s George McQuade is past president and a board members of EPPS. In 2012, McQuade started one of the fastest growing private groups on Linkedin - Entertainment Publicists & Communicators. He also served on Century City Chamber of Commerce Entertainment Industry Council Committee.

You might be thinking how can I kick my event up a notch in Hollywood. Call us 818-340-5300 or email @ (CLICK HERE), because that’s our specialty. We’re big enough to know you and powerful enough to show you what it takes to get you and your company products and services noticed.

Our first client was Stevie Wonder and his costumer designer Clotee McAfee, who brilliantly created a nonprofit, STITCHES TECHNOLOGY, which even today is supported by Wonder and friends.

DWTS – Macy’s Stars of Dance Tiler Peck & Nuttin’ But Stringz Macy’s 
In 2010, MAYO created a buzz for Nuttin’ But Stringz, two Hip-Hop classical Violinists from the Bronx, NY who performed on America’s Got Talent and the  platinum duo artists were the first instrumental on ABC #1 rate Dancing with the Stars.

Tourie and Damien Escobar, “Nutting But Stringz”
with Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel, DWS.

Two weeks later, WKRP in Cincinnati Producer/Writer Lissa Levin retained us to staged the 2010 MammoJam, benefit breast cancer research with ABC’s Dancing with the Stars Louis Van Amstel and others in Hollywood.

LA Entertainment with Dance Moms Holly
and 10 year old Nia at benefit concert for
with cancer.

Last year LA Entertainment Publicity sponsored the launch of
Global Onslaught with a fundraiser for Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)

UK's Annie Lovell sang Opera before singing and going on tour in USA.
UK’s Annie Lovell sang Opera before singing and going on tour in USA.

featuring top stars and live acts from Australia to the UK and USA, including Totto’s leader Singer, Bobby Kimball, October Rage (opening act for Bon Jovi), UK’s Annie Lovell and Lance De Leon ( Ozzie Osbourne’s Black Sabbath).

Legendary Bobby Kimball, Toto leader Singer
(Africa) sings at benefit for OBOL. 
TOTO’s Legendary Bobby Kimball sings live at Global Onslaught Launch
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